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China Sunrise Machinery (CSM)is designated as OEM for Lafarge and also maintain long-term cooperation with SINOMA. Main product of our textile division are industrial filter bags,Air Slide Fabrics,Needle Punched Felt,Bulk Loading Bellow,Cement Bulk Bag and so on.They have been directly or indirectly used in hundreds of cement production lines worldwide. China Sunrise Machinery(CSM) is also the leader of cement auxiliary machinery industry in CHINA.


  • Cement Plant Bulk Loading Bellow

    Cement Plant Bulk Loading Bellow

  • Needle punched felts

    Needle punched felts

  • baghouse bags

    baghouse bags

  • Cement Bulk Bag

    Cement Bulk Bag

  • air slide fabrics

    air slide fabrics

airslide fabric

What is
baghouse bags?

Filter bag is the key part in the operation process of the bag filter, and usually the cylindrical filter bag hangs vertically in the dust collector. The baghouse filter bags (baghouse filter socks) is developed by our factory adopts advanced technology.

In pulse and gas box type pulse dust collector, dust is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag. When dust laden gas passes through the dust collector, dust is captured on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas enters the filter bag through the filter material. The inner cage of the filter bag is used to support the filter bag to prevent the collapse of the filter bag, and it is helpful for the cleaning and redistribution of the dust cake.

types of
baghouse bags

The fiber of filter bag is made of cotton fiber, wool fiber, synthetic fiber and glass fiber. The filter material made of different fiber has different properties.Main products are:PET,PTFE,Fiberglass,PPS,P84,Polyester,Fiberglass,Acrylic,Aramid filter bags.Click here to download the product description

Specifications: PET antistatic baghouse filter bags, PTFE baghouse filter socks, Fiberglass baghouse filter socks, PPS baghouse filter bags, P84 baghouse filter bags, Acrylic fabric filter bags, Anti-static filter bag, Aramid filter bags.

There are 208 commonly used industrial bag filter or 901 round polyester flannel, use temperature is not more than 120 DEG C, the glass fiber filter bag silicone resin processing, use temperature is not more than 250 DEG C, cotton fabric is generally applicable to non corrosive; temperature at 80-90 Deg. C gas containing dust.


  • PET antistatic baghouse filter bags

    PET antistatic baghouse filter bags

  • Industrial baghouse filter bags for cement plant

    Industrial baghouse filter bags for cement plant

  • PTFE baghouse filter socks

    PTFE baghouse filter socks

  • Fiberglass baghouse filter socks

    Fiberglass baghouse filter socks

  • PPS baghouse filter bags

    PPS baghouse filter bags

  • P84 baghouse filter bags

    P84 baghouse filter bags

  • Fiberglass blending filter bag

    Fiberglass blending filter bag

  • Acrylic fabric filter bags

    Acrylic fabric filter bags

  • Anti-static filter bag

    Anti-static filter bag

  • Aramid filter bags

    Aramid filter bags

  • Polyester baghouse filter bags/PE filter bags

    Polyester baghouse filter bags/PE filter bags


Filter bag has the characteristics of high dust removal efficiency, flexible use and simple structure.

Bag filter is widely used to eliminate dust pollution, improve environment, recycle materials and so on.

  • The dust removal efficiency is high, and the fine dust with particle size greater than 0.3 microns can be captured, and the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%;
  • Flexible use, the amount of air can be processed from hundreds of cubic meters per hour to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour, can be directly located in the room, near the machine tool small units, can also be made into a large dust chamber, that is, "bag room".
  • The structure is relatively simple, the operation is relatively stable, the initial investment is less (compared with electrostatic precipitator), and maintenance is convenient.

Specific parameters please click here.

airslide canvas

baghouse bags

Filter bag is the key part in the operation process of the bag filter, and usually the cylindrical filter bag hangs vertically in the dust collector.

Heat-engine plant:Boiler,Calcium carbide furnace

Cement plant :Sinter Dust,Cement plant,Furnace Dust,Pneumatic conveying

Chemical industry :Filtered Dust, Flue Ash, Discharging Flue Ash, Coal Dust

Building material :Discharging Systems, Mixing Equipment, Homogenizing Systems, Warehouse Units,Asphalt concrete production line

Smelt/Steel-making: Aluminium electrolysis,Aluminum zinc smelting,

filter bags

Stuff Works

It includes gas cleaning, mechanical rapping, ash cleaning, manual tapping and other ways to clean the dust.

Gas cleaning: gas cleaning is the use of high pressure gas or external atmospheric filter bag to remove the ash deposited on the filter bag. Gas cleaning includes pulse jet cleaning, reverse blow cleaning and back suction air cleaning.

Mechanical rapping dust removal: the top rapping and the middle rapping (all for the filter bag), is by means of mechanical rapping device periodically beat each row of filter bag, to remove the ash deposit on the filter bag.

Manual beat: It is to manually slap each filter bag to remove ash from the filter bag.

airslide fabrics case

Successful Case

We maintain a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with Lafarge, TCC, Asia Cement , Onoda Cement, Conch Cement, Tianshan Cement.Long-term supply of filter bags.

  • GB 12625-1990 Technical conditions of filter material and filter bag for bag filter;
  • HCRJ 015-1998 Technical requirements for bag filter identification of bag filter;
  • HCRJ 016-1998 Technical specification for filter bag frame of bag filter
  • HJ/T 327-2006 Technical requirements for environmental protection products bag filter bag
  • JC/T 584-1995 Glass fiber filter bag

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Baghouse filter bags (baghouse filter socks) are one kind of our products.More than 100 world-renowned companies such as Lafarge, TCC and other selected our products.

China Sunrise Machinery (CSM)is a professional cement equipment manufacturing enterprise. We were named one of the "China Machinery Industry's Most Famous Brands. All the cement machinery products have passed three standard embraced in one system.

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baghouse bags

China Sunrise Machinery(CSM) is a professional industrial PET antistatic baghouse filter bags,Industrial baghouse filter bags for cement plant,PTFE baghouse filter socks,Fiberglass baghouse filter socks, PPS baghouse filter bags,P84 baghouse filter bags,Fiberglass blending filter bag,Acrylic fabric filter bags,Anti-static filter bag,Aramid filter bags,PE filter bags. Development and production enterprise. We guaranteed our superior resolve solutions and technique services for all kinds of customers.


   We are baghouse filter bags suppliers of Sinoma, KHD, China building materials. We maintain a long-term stable supply relationship with the famous cement plant power plant.


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