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Polyester baghouse filter bags/PE filter bags

 Polyester baghouse filter bags


Polyester baghouse filter bags(PE filter bags) is in use of non-woven acupuncture process using fiber staggered arrangement, the gap evenly distributed fine fiber cloth to polyester staple fiber and polyester twisted yarn produced by the filter bag. Surface after hot rolling, singeing or coating and other post-processing, so that the surface smooth and difficult to be blocked by dust, the filter porosity, air permeability is better, uses a wide range of anti-chemical stability, not only can Filtration at room temperature gas, and can filter corrosive gases containing acid and alkali, and filter water, oil filter, is the normal temperature conditions, liquid-solid separation and other areas of the ideal filter material.

We use large fiber company's fiber plant production of 1.2 denier, 2 denier, 2.5 denier high-quality polyester denier and imported equipment for the production of polyester filter felt. The machine can be more than five different materials, different specifications of the fiber evenly quantitative mixing, and then mixed with multiple sets of cotton and carding unit will help the fiber between the layers of different fiber composite layer, gradient transformation.
In addition to the product with the ordinary blanket-specific high-porosity, permeability, and dust-efficient, long life and other advantages, Its moderate temperature rating, instantly up to 150 ° C, acid and alkali-resistant features and has a very good wear resistance. Therefore, polyester filter bag is the most common materials in the filter bag family. Weight from 350g / m2 ~ 600g / m2, thickness from 1mm ~ 4mm, width 2.5 meters below our factory can produce, and can be cut to a variety of width.


Standard specification for Polyester Filter Bag:

Fibre Composition

Polyester staple fiber

Scrim Composition

Polyester filament







Mean Air Permeability


m3/m2/[email protected]

Breaking Strength-CD ( warp )



Breaking Strength-MD (weft)



Breaking Elongation-CD



Breaking EIongation-MD



Dry Shrinkage-CD

< 1


Dry Shrinkage-MD

< 1


Recommended Continous Operating Temperature



Recommended Short-term Operating Temperature




Singeing, calendering, heat setting treatment


The fiber of filter bag is made of cotton fiber, wool fiber, synthetic fiber and glass fiber. The filter material made of different fiber has different properties.Main products are:PET,PTFE,Fiberglass,PPS,P84,Polyester,Fiberglass,Acrylic,Aramid filter bags.Click here to download the product description

Specifications: PET antistatic baghouse filter bags, PTFE baghouse filter socks, Fiberglass baghouse filter socks, PPS baghouse filter bags, P84 baghouse filter bags, Acrylic fabric filter bags, Anti-static filter bag, Aramid filter bags.

There are 208 commonly used industrial bag filter or 901 round polyester flannel, use temperature is not more than 120 DEG C, the glass fiber filter bag silicone resin processing, use temperature is not more than 250 DEG C, cotton fabric is generally applicable to non corrosive; temperature at 80-90 Deg. C gas containing dust.


  • PET antistatic baghouse filter bags

    PET antistatic baghouse filter bags

  • Industrial baghouse filter bags for cement plant

    Industrial baghouse filter bags for cement plant

  • PTFE baghouse filter socks

    PTFE baghouse filter socks

  • Fiberglass baghouse filter socks

    Fiberglass baghouse filter socks

  • PPS baghouse filter bags

    PPS baghouse filter bags

  • P84 baghouse filter bags

    P84 baghouse filter bags

  • Fiberglass blending filter bag

    Fiberglass blending filter bag

  • Acrylic fabric filter bags

    Acrylic fabric filter bags

  • Anti-static filter bag

    Anti-static filter bag

  • Aramid filter bags

    Aramid filter bags

  • Polyester baghouse filter bags/PE filter bags

    Polyester baghouse filter bags/PE filter bags


China Sunrise Machinery (CSM)is designated as OEM for Lafarge and also maintain long-term cooperation with SINOMA. Main product of our textile division are industrial filter bags,Air Slide Fabrics,Needle Punched Felt,Bulk Loading Bellow ,Cement Bulk Bag and so on.They have been directly or indirectly used in hundreds of cement production lines worldwide. China Sunrise Machinery(CSM) is also the leader of cement auxiliary machinery industry in CHINA.


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    Cement Plant Bulk Loading Bellow

  • Needle punched felts

    Needle punched felts

  • baghouse bags

    baghouse bags

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    Air Slide Fabric Specification

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    air slide fabrics

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Depending on the customer‘s request, we can offer airslide fabrics made of different raw materials, in various grades of airpermeability and thickness, depending on the application

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China Sunrise Machinery(CSM) is a professional industrial PET antistatic baghouse filter bags,Industrial baghouse filter bags for cement plant,PTFE baghouse filter socks,Fiberglass baghouse filter socks, PPS baghouse filter bags,P84 baghouse filter bags,Fiberglass blending filter bag,Acrylic fabric filter bags,Anti-static filter bag,Aramid filter bags,PE filter bags. Development and production enterprise. We guaranteed our superior resolve solutions and technique services for all kinds of customers.


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