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China Sunrise Machinery (CSM)is designated as OEM for Lafarge and also maintain long-term cooperation with SINOMA. Main product of our textile division are industrial filter bags,Air Slide Fabrics,Needle Punched Felt,Bulk Loading Bellow ,Cement Bulk Bag and so on.They have been directly or indirectly used in hundreds of cement production lines worldwide. China Sunrise Machinery(CSM) is also the leader of cement auxiliary machinery industry in CHINA.


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U-panel anti static bulk bags for cement

U-panel for cement, minerals, chemicals for easy transportation.

U-panel anti static bulk bags 

Conductive blue PP Bulk Bags Anti-Sift For Chemical Powders


1. U-panel bag for cement with electrostatic dissipative fibres can facilitate electrostatic charge dissipation into surroundings via corona discharge.
2. It safely dissipates static charge without the need for a ground/earth connection.
3. The breakdown voltage is not exceeding 4 KV. U-panel bag for cement can be used in the presence of combustible dusts and in the presence of flammable gases or vapours.
4. CSM produces dissipative bags with anti-static coating and charge to be dissipated via corona-effect.
5. U-panel bag for cement are suitable for packing different kinds of products which needs to be packed in Conductive bags. No grounding is necessary for this type of bag which is a specific advantage.



Anti Static Bulk Bags can effectively remove static electricity generated on the surface of the bag body during loading and unloading to prevent burning and explosion. The surface resistance of the fabric < 107Ω. Anti Static Bulk Bags are also called space bags, flexible containers, tons of bags, daughter bags and so on.

Anti Static Bulk Bag is a kind of flexible transportation packaging container. It has the advantages of moistureproof, dustproof, radiation resistant, solid and safe, and has enough strength in structure. Because container loading and unloading is very convenient, loading and unloading efficiency is obviously improved, which has been developing rapidly in recent years.

Container bags are usually made of polypropylene, polyethylene and other polyester fibers. It can be widely used for packing various kinds of powder, granular and lump goods such as chemical industry, building materials, plastics, minerals and so on. It is an ideal product for warehousing, transportation and other industries.


Anti Static Bulk Bags


Up to 4000LBS

Safety factor


Base size




As per request



Top type

with filling spout: 14’’(D)*18’’

Bottom type

discharge spout: 14’’(D)*18’’ with star petal or iris spout

Lifting loops

width: 2’’ / 3’’

10’’ high

side-seam loops
color: white/yellow

sift proofing

yes, with double-sided filler cord

Perimeter belt

Width: 2’’, 3’’

Document pouch

PE ziplock,

Envelope type


Anti Static Bulk Bags instruction label,

Others as per request


Four colors at most in one side


Plain stitching, chain stitching, overlock stitching


Packed on pallets,



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Needle punched felts (needle felt) is one of our products.More than 100 world-renowned companies such as Lafarge, TCC and other selected our products.

China Sunrise Machinery (CSM)is a professional cement equipment manufacturing enterprise. We were named one of the "China Machinery Industry's Most Famous Brands. All the cement machinery products have passed three standard embraced in one system, consisted of ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001. Five types of the products have get European CE certification, meanwhile it owns about 30 patented products high-tech products.

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China Sunrise Machinery(CSM) is a professional PPS needle felt, Acrylic Needle Felt, PET antistatic felt, P84 Needle Felt,Anti-static needle felt,PTFE Needle Felt,Aramid needle felt,Polyester needle punched felt,Fiberglass blending needle felt,Heat-resistance Needle Felts development and production enterprise. We guaranteed our superior resolve solutions and technique services for all kinds of customers.


   We are Needle punched filter suppliers of Sinoma, KHD, China building materials. We maintain a long-term stable supply relationship with the famous cement plant power plant.


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