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Aramid air slide fabric

Air slide canvas

Air slide canvas

Choose the specifications:250mm 270mm 480mm 580mm

the specifications between 10mm to 1600mm can be produced at any time according to user needs; more than 1600mm of special specifications to be agreed in advance.

Aramid air slide fabric


Aramid canvas, also known as Kevlar canvas, is a type of canvas with insulation.

Kevlar fiber is a composite material developed and manufactured by DuPont in 1965. It combines high strength and light weight, and is widely used in fire protection, safety, communication, stubbornness and other fields.

Aramid canvas is not the most popular among air slide fabrics because its price is much higher than polyester air slide fabrics. But his performance far exceeds that of polyester air sliding fabric.

Aramid air slide fabric
Aramid air slide fabric

Features of aramid aramid air slide fabric:

1.Good temperature resistance. It can regularly work in the continuous 204℃, and can bear the instant temperature of 250℃.

2.Good stability. Under the 250 ℃, its heat shrinkage ratio is less than 1%. 

3. Excellent chemical resistance. It can work normally in the low concentration of acid , alkali and hydrocarbons even if in the small amount of the fluoride environment.

4.Good fire resistance. Only start to carbonize from 400℃, which is neither easy to autoignition and combustion-supporting.

5.Good low temperature resistance. And even at a low temperature of -196 ° C, there is no embrittlement and loss of performance.

Application of aramid air slide fabric:

With these good performances, aramid air slide fabric is widely used in steel industry, carbon black industry, construction industry and power industry. And become the best selling high temperature resistance filter media.Note: Nomex® is a registered trademark which belongs to Dupont.

Aramid air slide fabric
Aramid air slide fabric

Aramid air slide fabric, aramid belt, both width and thickness can be customized, available from stock, please contact if necessary, email: [email protected].

Air slide fabric

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Airslide Fabric

Air slide fabrics are used for the pneumatic conveying of fine dry powdery products such as cement. The air slide cloth divides the air slide into upper and lower chambers. The chamber is inclined at as low as 1.5°.Compressed air is injected into the lower chamber which then goes through the media and “fluidises” the cement powder. The cement then behaves like a fluid and “flows” down the length of the chamber.


Airslide is a semi-permeable textile cloth which allows air to pass through but not the products.

Airslide Fabrics other names are: airslide fabric,air slide fabric,air permeable fabric,fluidising fabric,fluidizing fabric,air slide belt,air slide canvas,aeroslide,airslide membrane,aeration pad, aeration fabric.air slide fabric in shipping,air slide fabric for silos,chute bottoms.


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